Information for MCFOODS Network Partner Agencies

The MCFOODS warehouse, located in East Brunswick, is open every Tuesday and Wednesday morning for registered agencies to receive food to help them better serve their clients.


Canned and nonperishable goods as well as fresh bread are available to our partner agencies every Tuesday.  MCFOODS collaborates with the Community FoodBank of NJ and NJ Farmers Against Hunger  in an effort to make more healthy, fresh food available for needy Middlesex County residents. Every Wednesday we distribute fresh produce received from these partners.

Sometimes the food we distribute is nearing the best-used-by date. Please see the statement from the County Health Department regarding product dating and food safety.

Items Available Tuesday 4/25/17 8:00 – 12:00 cases are per agency

Wear Your ID Card - No Card/No Food

Assorted Canned & Packaged Goods 3 cases
Toasted Couscous 24 8.8oz boxes/case 4 cases
Savory Rice Thin Crackers as many as you want
22 Pound Bags of Toasted Couscous as many as you want
Gerber Graduates lil' Crunchies 6/1.48 oz. canisters as many as you want            
Flavored Water Bottles 16 oz, 12/case as many as you want            
Bread bring your own bags/boxes
Green bins pre-bagged with an assortment of products

Items Available Wednesday 4/26/17   Approximately 8:30 (as soon as truck is unloaded) to 10:30
Wear Your ID Card - No Card/No Food
A variety of fresh produce, dairy and meat products

bring your own bags or boxes

Do NOT stand around the back of the building or ramp.  That area is reserved for unloading the truck
Enter side door, sign in and wait to be called into the warehouse to get your food, exit thru bay door
Any extra produce will be divided among the agencies that stay or come back and are there at 10:30 am

Please be respectful of MCFOODS employees and volunteers and follow their direction.  It is also
very important to bring your own bags or bins to collect any loose produce items that are available. 
We do not have the means to provide agencies with boxes or containers to pack these items. 


If you would like to become a member of the MCFOODS network, please see the attached requirements and return the necessary information to the coordinator at or fax 609-655-4748.

Community Food Bank of NJ


There are many additional resources available to food pantries and soup kitchens that become members of the Community FoodBank of NJ. The FoodBank provides agencies with free food available through the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP) and Commodities Program. Additional information on these and other programs can be found on their website the Community FoodBank. 



It is MCFOODS’ goal to help all Middlesex County Emergency Food Providers become members, receive training and have access and transportation to the food and resources that they are eligible for.  Please visit their website for more information