Middlesex Borough Property Ready For Development


September 20, 2010 – The Middlesex County Improvement Authority completed environmental investigation work in the Borough of Middlesex that led to a 1.3-acre property being ready for redevelopment. The MCIA used a portion of its $200,000 Brownfields Assessment Grant for Petroleum Sites from United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The work characterized the environmental conditions at a long-abandoned property on South Avenue, one of the Borough’s newer industrial areas. Mayor Robert Sherr said, “The prior business, an auto salvage yard, closed in the 1980s after a fire destroyed structures and equipment. The property has had delinquent tax payments and has been an eyesore for many years. We now are considering the best use of the property.”

On behalf of the MCIA, Langan Engineering of Lambertville conducted a preliminary assessment and a site investigation. The work led to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection issuing a No Further Action letter, since no significant contamination was found at the site.

“This is a typical brownfields property in that there was little interest in it because of the uncertainties around any contamination that might have been present,” said MCIA Chairman Leonard Roseman. “Knowing the property’s environmental condition, in this case, that no clean-up is required, allows the Borough, the development community, and the owner to confidently plan for the property to contribute to the Borough of Middlesex and our County once again.”

The MCIA Brownfields Program has received five U.S.E.P.A. grants totaling almost two million dollars to do similar work in various communities across Middlesex County. For more information on MCIA’s Brownfields Program, call 609-655-5141.

Contact: Jane Leal, Director of Administration
609-655-5141 or