State Says Roosevelt Care Center Provides “Excellent” Care

October 10, 2008 -- The New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services has recognized Roosevelt Care Center for earning Advisory Standards in every one of the 19 categories the State studies when performing reviews of long-term care facilities.

Earning Advisory Standards means that Roosevelt goes “beyond the minimum requirements to provide excellent care,” according to a letter from Barbara Goldman, assistant director of the Office of CN and Healthcare Facility Licensure at the State Department.

The letter read: “We appreciate your efforts to provide your residents with a high quality environment, and we hope our recognition of this effort is helpful to you in continuing to achieve a high standard of care in your facility.”

Each year, a team from the State Department of Health completes a week-long survey of every aspect of the facility, from administration, nursing care, dietary services, recreation and Alzheimer’s-dementia care. Roosevelt exceeded the State’s requirements in all assessed areas.

“This is an extraordinary report and a testament to the quality, compassionate care our administration and staff provide on a daily basis,” said Leonard J. Roseman, chairman of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority, which owns and operates Roosevelt. “I congratulate and commend Administrator Dr. Frank Damiani and his staff for this incredible recognition.”

“More than meeting and even exceeding the State’s requirements, I believe our staff takes a team-based approach to caring for the whole person and in truth, treats each resident as family,” Dr. Damiani said. “Words cannot express my gratitude to all who work here and are dedicated to offering the best care to Roosevelt residents.”

The areas studied include: access to the facility, resident activities, administration, resident assessment and care, communication, dental care, dietary services, infection control and medical services, nursing care, quality of care, pharmacy, physical environment, quality assessment and medical records, rehabilitation, social work, respite care services and Alzheimer’s-Dementia care. .